Sunday, October 17, 2010

12 Hours of Winona: a half day of racing in pictures & race results

Click here for a full screen slideshow :)

We placed 7th out of 21 Teams!

Lap LapTime Team Member
1.) 0:42:15 Jason Short
2.) 0:36:29 Curt Barkey
3.) 0:35:45 Jeff Roesner
4.) 0:40:47 Kyle Johnson
5.) 0:42:46 Jason Short
6.) 0:36:00 Curt Barkey
7.) 0:35:48 Jeff Roesner
8.) 0:40:16 Kyle Johnson
9.) 0:42:45 Jason Short
10.) 0:35:48 Curt Barkey
11.) 0:35:43 Jeff Roesner
12.) 0:43:58 Kyle Johnson
13.) 0:45:33 Jason Short
14.) 0:40:51 Curt Barkey
15.) 0:44:25 Kyle Johnson
16.) 0:39:34 Jeff Roesner
17.) 0:42:19 Jeff Roesner
Full results click here

12 hour start

post race breakfast :)

Kyle: Corned beef hash, 2 eggs, 3 french toast, has browns and 2 pieces of toast
Curt: Pancakes, has browns, 2 eggs
Jeff: Sausage Skillet
Jason: not sure!

Finished 17 laps total in 12 hrs! Awards ceremony in the tent at midnight

7th out of around 20 teams...still got to pick out some prizes! Notice the time of this was getting pretty late!

award ceremony

Saturday, October 16, 2010

colder and darker

getting dark and cold ...but not for machos

prepping for lap 3...w/ headlamp lights!

Little over half way....

Dave is refueling

so fast i couldn't catch him


Curt laps
Lap 1: 36:20
Lap 2: 35:58

At least 3 more laps.

break for 3/4 machos

Race HQ....time to refuel...

Jason-Curt trade off

yea beer!

This pic is for Chris and Brion at the Fickle Peach...thanks for your support!

Curt finishing his first lap

Jason resting after lap 1

Curt heading out

Team HQ

warming up...10 mins till start

The pre race conference


Team 56

Friday, October 15, 2010

Live updates from race day!

We'll be live blogging the race! Check back Saturday between 11am and 11pm on the latest news, pics, and video from team Machismo Cyclismo!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cyclismo Rider Jason

Jason Short from Elkhart, IN
As an avid 21" bicycle rider through-out his teens and early twenties, Jason learned about the addiction that is the 'adrenaline rush' after hitting big jumps and rolling through smooth rhythm sections. He also learned his body didn't heal as fast as it did when he was younger, after taking several big crashes and many broken bones later he retired from the sport all together.

In 2008 Jason was re-aquainted with the thrill and enjoyment he remembered, and found mountain biking to be just as sweet. The High speed technical down-hills missing trees by inches, and the grueling climbs that test patience and determination, it has been love ever since.

This will be Jason's first race in competition but looks forward to those to come.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cyclismo rider Jeff

Jeff started riding in the Boys Club back in the early to mid 90s before the
trails were anything resembling organized.  Alas, higher education, work,
and the opposite sex put Jeff on a 13 year hiatus from riding.  In 2008 he
got the purple Jamis back on the trail and it's been bliss ever since.  Jeff
hasn't competed in the 12 Hours of Winona but is very much looking forward
to the competition.

Cyclismo rider Curt

Curt has been training all summer long for the Iceman Cometh Challenge Bike Race a 27 mile point to point from Kalkaska, MI to Traverse City, MI in November.  Part of his preparation this summer has been Road TT's MTB TT's and a DiNO event in Brown County.

When not riding for Machismo he is riding for Alderfer Bergen.  This is his first 12 hour race but participated in a 24 hour race in 2006.  For more info click here.

Cyclismo rider Kyle

After a few years off the mountain bike, spending most of his time in the saddle of a road bike, and years of bike commuting year-round, Kyle has returned to his roots and got back on the trails. Originally from the Warsaw area, Kyle spent a lot of time riding the winona lake trails way before they were developed into the world-class trail system.....back when it was just referred to as "the old chicago boys club trails". This is Kyle's first 12 hour race.